1. Welcome to the book of blogs

  2. Foreword

  3. Foreword

  4. I. Definitions of Sustainability

    1. 1. Social sustainability: Towards some explanation

    2. 2. Principles for sustainable urban places: the why, what and how

  5. II. Urban Governance

    1. 3. A tale of two cities: Density regulations vs reality

    2. 4. Using urban planning to create a culture of sustainability

    3. 5. Negotiating sustainability with Sustainability Assessment

    4. 6. Promoting urban sustainability through managing ecological systems

    5. 7. In defence of top-down sustainability planning: The case of Sejong City

    6. 8. Human security, risk management and urban sustainability in Lagos mega-city, Nigeria

    7. 9. Food Sustainability in Urban Africa

    8. 10. Dilemmas of urban governance and infrastructure deficit in Africa

    9. 11. The paradox of urban policy

  6. III. Engaged Citizens

    1. 12. Coordination vs organisation: a communitarian bottom-up approach in urban planning

    2. 13. Making most of the European Capital of Culture brand through inclusive urban governance

    3. 14. Participatory budgeting in Pune city: A mirage!

    4. 15. Sustainable Development in the Canadian Polar Region

    5. 16. Improving housing in Asia and turning traditional top-down funding on its head

    6. 17. Co-creating a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for sustainable and liveable urban futures

    7. 18. Assessing and communicating urban sustainability: comparing the Ecological Footprint and the CERCLE multi-criteria indicator set

  7. IV. Urban Divides

    1. 19. Gated communities of Istanbul: Spaces of upper class exclusivity, escapism and stigma

    2. 20. Gated neighbourhoods in Vilnius region: Socio-spatial residential differentiation

    3. 21. #BlackLivesMatter: Envisioning urban futures

    4. 22. Unsustainable status quo: A new approach to understanding inaction in empty home ownership in the North West of England

    5. 23. Compact housing for demographic change in Auckland, New Zealand

    6. 24. The future of slums hinges on sustainability

    7. 25. Resettlement and environmental impacts on the Subaltern slum: accumulation by dispossession in the Philippine slum

  8. V. Movement and Mobilities

    1. 26. Whither a sustainable urban automobility?

    2. 27. Make room for a planet of transit metropolises

    3. 28. Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and sustainable urban development in the global south

    4. 29. More money, more cars, more city, less walking: Is this the future of Tirana?

    5. 30. Inhabiting infrastructure: explaining cycling's complexity

    6. 31. Innovations, policies and ideas - An urban mobility perspective

    7. 32. Moving to the city / Movement as the city

    8. 33. The built environment, active design and public health: the impact of office design on activity

  9. VI. China

    1. 34. Growing urban China - at what cost?

    2. 35. Sustainable urbanization in China: Courtyard housing and cultural sustainability

    3. 36. Urbanization and inequality in China's mega-cities: A perspective from Chinese industrial workers

    4. 37. The sustainable renewal of a historical community in Beijing’s Old City

    5. 38. Governance of sustainable development in China: A case study of the bamboo shoot production in Lin’an County, China

  10. VII. Making Places

    1. 39. Sustainable urbanization in North America: Courtyard housing and architectural multiculturalism

    2. 40. Reconfiguring ‘sustainability’ in Mumbai: From environmental racism to digital governmobilities after Slumdog Millionaire

    3. 41. Political conflict and financialized ‘eco-chic’ urban renewal, a case from Milan

    4. 42. Consuming Master-Planned Estates in Australia

    5. 43. A finger on the pulse of happiness in an urbanised island context

    6. 44. Post-earthquake monument stewardship – a case of the Radha-Krishna Temple at Swotha, Lalitpur, Nepal

    7. 45. The cohabitation of urban stimulation and natural restoration

  11. VIII. Environment

    1. 46. The status of water supply and sanitation in a rapidly urbanized world: A case study of Dhaka City

    2. 47. Urban pollution, health, and sustainable development in Delhi

    3. 48. Malta's EU accession, environmental sustainability and ENGO activism

    4. 49. The role of landscape in the sustainable transition towards a new urban waste management system

    5. 50. Challenges and opportunities of sustainable urbanization in Delhi, India

    6. 51. Climate adaptation vs. urban politics? Some evidence from Colombian cities

    7. 52. The Hydrocitizenship Project Celebrates World Water Day 2015

  12. IX. Low Carbon Futures

    1. 53. Roles of design in sustainability and low-carbon transitions in cities

    2. 54. The role of water for sustainable urban planning

    3. 55. Cooperatively owned renewable energy facilities – Unlocking urban community power

    4. 56. Solar hydrogen energy systems: A magic bullet for global sustainable urbanisation

    5. 57. Sustainable consumption across 24 OECD metropolitan areas

  13. X. Alternative Economies

    1. 58. Against neoliberal capitalism: Post-political urban configurations in post-Haiyan Tacloban (Philippines)

    2. 59. Post-socialist cities between suburbanisation and reurbanisation

    3. 60. Public-private partnerships and the new squatters of capital

    4. 61. Social entrepreneurial ecosystems as a means for creating sustainable urban development

    5. 62. Radioactivity and the city - what might Iwaki in Japan tell us about urban life under major environmental change?

    6. 63. Building consensus for another possible economy at municipal level

    7. 64. The impact of the labor movement and social transitions at the urban level

  14. XI. Digital Futures

    1. 65. Towards knowledge cities: turning redundant spaces into essential places with ICT in East Asia

    2. 66. Now Open: The Smart City

    3. 67. Planning for smart cities and environmental sustainability in India

    4. 68. Uni-Fi: Reimagining Technologies for the Urban Poor

    5. 69. Urban digital divides: A threat to sustainable urbanisation

    6. 70. Social media for social housing in the UK and Australia

    7. 71. Smart and sustainable? Towards future conceptualisations of sustainable urban development in the digital world

    8. 72. Sense in the city: Urban sensing as a digital intervention for planning

    9. 73. An invitation to the Hydrocitizens online community

    10. 74. Concluding Thoughts: Urban Social Research in the Digital Age

  15. Reflections